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Choosing the Best Hedging for Your Garden: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

15 Jan 2024
Choosing the Best Hedging for Your Garden: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024 - Web Garden Centre


Welcome to the ultimate guide on selecting the best hedging for your garden in 2024. Hedging not only provides privacy and structure to your outdoor space but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of your garden. In this detailed article, we will explore various hedging options, including the differences between root ball and container-grown hedging. Additionally, we'll delve into the choices that deter animals from nibbling on your green investments.

The Art of Hedging

Hedging is an art that combines functionality and beauty. Beyond creating boundaries and privacy, the right hedge can enhance your garden's visual appeal, acting as a living canvas that evolves with the seasons. Let's explore the top hedging options, shedding light on the unique characteristics of each.

1. Boxwood: Versatile Elegance

Boxwood hedges stand out for their versatility and timeless elegance. Whether you opt for the compact Buxus sempervirens 'Suffruticosa' or the faster-growing Buxus sempervirens, these evergreen shrubs create a neat, formal appearance. Boxwood is available both as root ball and container-grown, offering flexibility in planting.

Root Ball vs. Container-Grown Boxwood

Root ball: These are field-grown plants lifted with the soil around their roots. Root ball boxwoods are ideal for larger hedges, as they establish quickly.

Container-grown: These plants are grown in containers, providing more flexibility in planting times. Container-grown boxwoods are suitable for smaller hedges or when precise spacing is essential.

2. Lavender: Fragrance and Color

Lavender hedges bring a sensory delight to your garden with their fragrant blooms and vibrant colors. Varieties like Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote' or Lavandula x intermedia 'Grosso' are popular choices. Lavender is naturally unappealing to many animals, making it a good option for deterring nibblers.

Animal-Friendly Hedging

Lavender's aromatic foliage is often avoided by animals, making it an excellent choice for gardens where you want to discourage grazing. The fragrance, coupled with its vibrant purple flowers, creates an enchanting border that both you and wildlife can appreciate.

3. Yew: Classic and Robust

Yew hedges, featuring Taxus baccata, exude classic beauty and robustness. Yews are available in both root ball and container-grown options, allowing for flexibility in planting and design.

Understanding the Differences

Root ball yews are typically larger, making them suitable for creating instant impact. They are lifted with a soil ball around their roots.

Container-grown yews offer versatility in planting times and are often more manageable for smaller hedge projects. The plants are grown in containers, providing a well-contained root system.

4. Beech: Elegant Foliage Year-Round

Beech hedges, particularly Fagus sylvatica, are prized for their elegant, deciduous foliage that persists throughout the winter. Both root ball and container-grown beech are available, giving you options based on your garden's needs.

Deciduous Hedge Considerations

Deciduous hedges, like beech, offer a different aesthetic, changing with the seasons. While they may not provide year-round privacy, their elegant structure and persistent foliage make them a valuable addition to gardens.

5. Holly: Prickly Protection

Holly hedges, featuring Ilex aquifolium, not only provide year-round greenery but also offer prickly leaves that deter animals. Both root ball and container-grown hollies are available, catering to different planting preferences.

Prickly Protection

The spiky leaves of holly act as a natural deterrent to animals, making it an excellent choice for hedging if you want to minimize the risk of nibbling. Varieties like Ilex aquifolium 'Alaska' or 'Golden King' add visual interest with variegated foliage.


In conclusion, choosing the best hedging for your garden involves considering not only the aesthetics but also the practical aspects of planting. Whether you opt for the versatile elegance of boxwood, the fragrant allure of lavender, the classic robustness of yew, the deciduous charm of beech, or the protective prickliness of holly, each option brings unique qualities to your outdoor space.

When selecting between root ball and container-grown hedging, assess your garden's size, design preferences, and planting timeline. Additionally, if deterring animals is a priority, options like lavender and holly offer natural protection against nibblers.

For an extensive range of premium hedging options and expert advice, visit Web Garden Centre. Enjoy the Free Delivery to the UK offer, ensuring your chosen hedging arrives conveniently at your doorstep. Transform your garden into a haven of beauty and functionality with the perfect hedging choice for 2024.

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