Lemon Citrus Tree 90-100cm 12L

Lemon Citrus Tree 90-100cm 12L - A Versatile Citrus Charm for Every Garden

Bring the essence of sunny orchards to your home with the Lemon Citrus Tree, now effortlessly available to buy plants online. This mid-sized beauty, standing proud at 90-100cm in a 12L pot, bridges the gap between compact charm and striking presence, making it a perfect fit for a variety of outdoor and indoor settings.

Why Choose the Lemon Citrus Tree?

Whether you're decking out your balcony, adding a focal point to your garden, or bringing a natural touch to your indoor space, this Lemon Citrus Tree is an ideal pick. It's sized just right to start producing ample fruits while still being manageable for most spaces. Enjoy the lush foliage and the zesty aroma of blooming lemons that this tree brings.

Key Features

  • Perfectly Proportioned: At 90-100cm tall, it’s an ideal size for those who love the idea of growing citrus but have limited space.
  • Lemon Harvest: Get ready to enjoy your own home-grown lemons, perfect for cooking, lemonades, or adding a fresh twist to your drinks.
  • Adaptable and Hardy: This tree is as resilient as it is beautiful, able to thrive in both pots and the ground, indoors or out.
  • Simple Care: With straightforward care needs, this citrus tree is suitable for gardeners of all experience levels.

Order Yours Today

Buy plants online and let the Lemon Citrus Tree 90-100cm 12L be a vibrant addition to your space. Now available for purchase, this versatile tree is a splendid choice for anyone looking to enjoy the visual and flavorful benefits of citrus. Prefer something smaller? Consider our 55-65cm 5L option for compact spaces. Or, for those desiring a more immediate impact, explore our larger 160-170cm variant.

Explore Our Citrus Plant Collection

Our extensive Citrus Plant Collection is perfect for gardeners seeking to buy plants online, featuring everything from the quaint to the grandiose. Whether you’re just beginning your gardening journey or looking to expand your citrus orchard, we have something to suit every space and taste. Dive into our Citrus Plant Collection and our full range of collections for more gardening inspiration.

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Lemon Citrus Tree 90-100cm 12L - Buy Plants Online from  Web Garden Centre - Just £82.50!

Lemon Citrus Tree 90-100cm 12L


Lemon Citrus Tree 90-100cm 12L


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