Phormium tenax 'Variegatum' 140-160cm 30L

Phormium Tenax 'Variegatum' 140-160cm 30L - Transform Your Space Instantly

Enhance your outdoor or indoor setting instantly with Phormium Tenax 'Variegatum', a striking plant choice now available for discerning gardeners. Housed in a 30L pot and reaching up to 140-160cm in height, this phormium captivates with its vibrant green and creamy white striped leaves. It’s an effortless way to add sophistication and a bold statement to any garden, patio, or indoor area.

Why Phormium Tenax 'Variegatum' Stands Out

If you’re looking for an immediate aesthetic uplift, 'Variegatum' is your go-to. This variety's eye-catching variegation and significant height make it a focal point wherever it's planted. Thriving with minimal fuss, it's suited for various settings, offering lasting beauty with very little maintenance required. It's the ideal pick for anyone seeking to add an element of architectural drama to their space.

Distinctive Features

  • Dramatic Foliage: The striking contrast of its leaves enhances the visual appeal of any space, contributing lush, year-round interest.
  • Architectural Presence: Its height and form offer instant structure and elegance, perfect for making a statement.
  • Resilient and Easy to Care For: Adaptable to a range of environments, 'Variegatum' requires minimal attention to thrive.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal as a standout garden feature, in borders, or in containers for those with limited space.

Order Your 'Variegatum' Today

Ready for a garden transformation? Phormium Tenax 'Variegatum' is available now and can revitalize your space with its striking appearance and minimal care needs. Don’t wait to bring this impactful variety into your garden or home.

Explore Our Phormium Collection

Complement 'Variegatum' with other unique varieties from our Phormium collection. Perfect for adding more drama and color to your space, our selection supports all your garden design dreams. Visit our main page to discover a wide array of plants and gardening supplies, catering to every gardener’s needs.

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Phormium tenax 'Variegatum' 140-160cm 30L - Buy Plants Online from  Web Garden Centre - Just £170!

Phormium tenax 'Variegatum' 140-160cm 30L


Phormium tenax 'Variegatum' 140-160cm 30L


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