Phormium Tenax Sundowner 180cm 30L

Phormium Tenax 'Sundowner' 180cm 30L - Elevate Your Garden with Stunning Colors

Add a spectacular touch to your garden with the Phormium Tenax 'Sundowner', now available for garden lovers looking to shop online. This impressive plant, reaching up to 180cm and delivered in a 30L pot, is perfect for those wanting to introduce a vibrant mix of pink, bronze, and green to their outdoor spaces. Ideal for creating a captivating focal point in larger gardens or as a statement piece on spacious patios, the 'Sundowner' combines dramatic color with elegant form effortlessly.

Why Choose Phormium Tenax 'Sundowner'?

For anyone seeking to add a dramatic yet elegant feature to their landscape, 'Sundowner' is a fantastic choice. It's not only a visual delight but also remarkably easy to care for, thriving in a variety of light conditions from full sun to partial shade. This plant is a versatile and robust addition, offering year-round beauty with very little maintenance required, making it a must-have for both experienced gardeners and newcomers alike.

Features That Stand Out

  • Lively Mix of Colors: The unique foliage of 'Sundowner' adds a warm, eye-catching display to your garden all year round.
  • Perfect for Large Spaces: Its tall stature makes it an excellent choice for adding structure and depth to your garden design.
  • Low-Maintenance: Enjoy the beauty of 'Sundowner' without the hassle; this plant is known for its durability and ease of care.
  • Adaptable: Suitable for various garden settings, it’s a great fit for both sun and shade, adapting well to different environments.

Order Your 'Sundowner' Today

Ready to add the Phormium Tenax 'Sundowner' to your garden collection? It’s available for purchase online, making it easy to bring this standout plant to your home. Ideal for those looking to make an immediate impact, 'Sundowner' promises to transform any space with its vibrant colors and stately presence. Secure yours today and let 'Sundowner' take your garden to the next level.

Browse Our Full Range of Phormiums

Looking for more unique plants? Our Phormium collection offers a variety of options to complement 'Sundowner'. With plants suited for all types of gardens and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your outdoor or indoor space. For a wider selection of plants and gardening goods, check out our main page where you'll find everything you need to create your dream garden.

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Phormium Tenax Sundowner 180cm 30L - Buy Plants Online from  Web Garden Centre - Just £90!

Phormium Tenax Sundowner 180cm 30L


Phormium Tenax Sundowner 180cm 30L


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