Italian Cypress Tree - Cupressus sempervirens 150-175cm 18L


Cupressus sempervirens Totem

Cupressus Sempervirens Totem is the classic Italian cypress, pencil slim with tight tufted growth and a lovely bottle green colour, ideal as a focal point in the garden or in a large container. This evergreen conifer can be planted in groups as a very attractive screen, and it is also extremely effecting for lining a driveway or for courtyard planting. The mid-dark green foliage is densely packed on the tree to form a neat and columnar shape and the foliage has a wonderfully fresh fragrance to it.

Plant Habit: Columnar upright
Soil Type: Chalk, Clay, Loam, Sand
Aspect: West-facing, East-facing, South-Facing, North-facing
Sunlight: Full Sun
Foliage: Evergreen
Soil pH: Acidic, Alkaline, Neutral
Hardiness Rating (RHS): H5 (-15°C to -10°C) 

Supplied at a height of 150-175cm in a 18L pot