Large Mini Myrtle 70cm 3L

Why Choose the Large Mini Myrtle 70cm 3L?

Introduce the enchanting Large Mini Myrtle, standing at 70cm in a 3L pot, to your garden or patio. This delightful shrub is known for its dense, aromatic foliage and profusion of small, white flowers that bloom in summer, offering a delicate fragrance and a visually appealing texture. Perfect for small gardens, balconies, or as a refined addition to border plantings, the Mini Myrtle adds a touch of elegance and fragrance wherever it grows.

Key Features

  • Delightful Fragrance: The leaves and flowers emit a pleasant scent, enhancing the sensory appeal of your outdoor spaces.

  • Beautiful White Blossoms: Produces an abundance of white flowers that contrast strikingly with its dark green foliage.

  • Evergreen Foliage: Maintains its lush green leaves throughout the year, providing continuous visual interest.

  • Perfect for Small Spaces: Its compact form is ideal for areas where space is at a premium, including balconies, patios, or small gardens.

  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal care, thriving in a variety of conditions and preferring full sun to partial shade.

Supplied at a height of 70cm including the 3L pot (excl. pot height 50cm)

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Add the delightful Large Mini Myrtle to your plant collection and enjoy its aromatic presence and beautiful blooms. Available for purchase online, this shrub is ready to bring charm and fragrance to your home or garden.

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Large Mini Myrtle 70cm 3L - Buy Plants Online from  Web Garden Centre - Just £39!

Large Mini Myrtle 70cm 3L


Large Mini Myrtle 70cm 3L

Gift Wrap: Gift Wrapped

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