Grapefruit Citrus Tree 55-65cm 5L


Citrus × Paradisi 

Grapefruit trees provide an instant Mediterranean feel to a garden or patio. Citrus trees boast glossy dark green foliage producing beautifully fragrant white flowers throughout early spring followed by fruit sets in summer. Grapefruit trees are self-fertile so a single tree provides both flowers and fruit. It can take up to a year for the fruit to ripen so it is possible to have both fruits and flowers present at the same time. 

Citrus thrives in a warm, sunny sheltered position. They are best kept in a container or pot as they are not fully hardy in the British climate. During autumn and winter, it is recommended that they are brought indoors into a conservatory or a greenhouse. Avoid placing the citrus tree near central heating, as this can cause leaf drop due to the lack of air humidity. During particularly cold spells of weather place a horticultural fleece around the plant for additional protection. 

Plant Habit: Bush
Soil Type: 
South–facing or West–facing
Full Sun
Soil pH: 
Acid, Neutral
Hardiness Rating (RHS): 
H2 (1 to 5)

Supplied at a height of 55-65cm in a 5L pot

For more information on Citrus Trees and how best to care for them visit our Care Guide page.