Gnarled Trunk Grapevine - Vitis vinifera 140-160cm 30L

Why Choose The Gnarled Trunk Grapevine - Vitis vinifera 140-160cm?

Elevate your garden aesthetic with the Gnarled Trunk Grapevine (Vitis vinifera), proudly reaching heights of 140-160cm while securely rooted in a 30L pot. Beyond its capability to yield delicious grapes, this vine is celebrated for its robust, entwined trunk that embodies rustic elegance and timeless charm. Whether adorning trellises, pergolas, or standing solo, it promises to infuse your garden with the essence of a vineyard retreat.

Key Features

  • Rustic Gnarled Trunk: Each vine presents a naturally sculpted trunk, offering your garden an instant focal point of character.

  • Bountiful Grapes: Delight in the pleasure of harvesting your own grapes suitable for fresh dining, jams, or your winemaking ventures.

  • Lush Summer Foliage: Enjoy the benefits of dense shade in summer, complemented by a spectacular show of autumnal hues as seasons change.

  • Flexible Cultivation: Whether trained on garden structures or left to meander naturally, it adapts seamlessly to your garden narrative.

  • Effortless Maintenance: With minimal upkeep requirements, it flourishes across various climates and soil types, epitomizing easy-care gardening.

Supplied at a height of 140-160cm including the 30L pot (excl. pot height 120-140cm)

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Imbue your garden with the unparalleled beauty and utility of the Gnarled Trunk Grapevine. Now available for online purchase, this vine stands ready to transform your space into a productive and picturesque haven. Secure this splendid addition for your garden today.

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Gnarled Trunk Grapevine - Vitis vinifera 140-160cm 30L - Buy Plants Online from  Web Garden Centre - Just £120!

Gnarled Trunk Grapevine - Vitis vinifera 140-160cm 30L


Gnarled Trunk Grapevine - Vitis vinifera 140-160cm 30L


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