Phormium Tenax Sundowner 100-120cm 7.5L

Phormium Tenax 'Sundowner' 100-120cm 7.5L - Sunset Hues for Your Garden

Enhance your garden with the captivating colors of Phormium Tenax 'Sundowner', a selection that brings the beauty of sunset hues to your outdoor space. This variety, reaching heights of 100-120cm in a 7.5L pot, showcases a striking blend of pink, bronze, and green foliage. Ideal for those looking to add a warm, vibrant touch to their garden, patio, or as an impressive feature indoors, 'Sundowner' provides both color and architectural interest.

Why 'Sundowner' is a Garden Favorite

'Sundowner' stands out for its unique color palette that mimics the stunning shades of sunset, making it a focal point in any setting. This Phormium is not only visually appealing but also versatile and hardy, thriving in full sun to partial shade. Its robust size and easy-care nature make it a preferred choice for gardeners seeking to add lasting impact with minimal effort.

Distinctive Features

  • Striking Color Variation: The foliage of 'Sundowner' offers a beautiful array of colors, adding depth and interest to your garden throughout the year.
  • Impressive Size: With its substantial height, 'Sundowner' can serve as an excellent backdrop or standalone specimen.
  • Architectural Interest: The plant's upright growth and bold leaf structure provide a strong visual statement.
  • Low-Maintenance: Once established, 'Sundowner' requires little care, thriving in a variety of conditions.

Order Your Phormium Tenax 'Sundowner' Today

Ready to infuse your garden with the warm, inviting hues of 'Sundowner'? Available now for online purchase, this Phormium variety is waiting to transform your space with its stunning colors and easy-going nature. Don’t miss the chance to add 'Sundowner' to your garden or home.

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Explore our Phormium collection for more exceptional plants that make an instant impact. From dramatic foliage to unique color combinations, find the perfect Phormium to complement 'Sundowner' and complete your garden design. Visit our main page for a wide selection of plants and gardening essentials to enhance your outdoor or indoor space.

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Phormium Tenax Sundowner 100-120cm 7.5L - Buy Plants Online from  Web Garden Centre - Just £50!

Phormium Tenax Sundowner 100-120cm 7.5L


Phormium Tenax Sundowner 100-120cm 7.5L


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