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Discover the Enchanting Buddha's Hand Citrus Tree at Web Garden Centre

02 Apr 2024
Discover the Enchanting Buddha's Hand Citrus Tree at Web Garden Centre


In the vast family of citrus, the Buddha's Hand Citrus Tree (Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis) stands out for its unique beauty and mystical allure. This intriguing plant, with fruit resembling the fingers of a hand in prayer, is not just a botanical curiosity but a symbol of happiness and fortune in many cultures. For those looking to add this extraordinary citrus tree to their garden or home, Web Garden Centre offers a splendid variety ready to infuse your space with its remarkable presence.

The Mystical Origins of Buddha's Hand

Originating from the lower Himalayas, the Buddha's Hand has been cherished across East Asia for centuries, not just for its striking appearance but also for its historical and cultural significance. Used in religious and traditional ceremonies, it is believed to bring good fortune and a sweet, citrus fragrance to any environment.

A Symbol of Good Fortune and Joy

The Buddha's Hand is often displayed in homes and temples as an offering or decorative piece, symbolizing joy, longevity, and prosperity. Its cultural impact is profound, making it a cherished addition to spiritual and festive occasions.

Why Buddha's Hand is Unique

Unlike other citrus fruits, Buddha's Hand contains no pulp or juice—its value lies in its zest and the aromatic pith, which is not bitter. The tree blooms with fragrant flowers, leading to the mesmerizing fruit that can vary in shape from a closed fist to fully spread fingers.

Culinary and Medicinal Marvel

In culinary arts, the zest of Buddha's Hand is used to impart a delicate, lemony flavor to dishes and beverages. Medicinally, it has found its place in traditional remedies for digestive and respiratory ailments, showcasing its versatility beyond its decorative appeal.

Cultivating Buddha's Hand Citrus Tree

Web Garden Centre provides an excellent opportunity to grow your own Buddha's Hand tree, offering plants that thrive under the same conditions as most citrus varieties. Suited for USDA zones 10-11, they can also adorn indoor spaces or greenhouses in cooler climates, bringing their exotic charm indoors.

Planting and Care Made Easy

With detailed care instructions provided with your purchase, ensuring your Buddha's Hand tree flourishes is straightforward. Adequate sunlight, well-draining soil, and regular watering are key, along with citrus-specific fertilization to encourage healthy growth and blooming.

Bringing Home the Buddha's Hand

A Choice Selection at Web Garden Centre

For those intrigued by this fascinating tree, Web Garden Centre offers the Buddha's Hand Citrus Tree, selected for its health and quality. As a leading supplier of exotic and citrus plants, they ensure each tree is ready to thrive in its new home, providing a unique touch to your garden or interior space.

FAQs about Buddha's Hand Citrus Tree What care does a Buddha's Hand tree require? A Buddha's Hand tree thrives in full sun and well-draining soil, necessitating regular watering. Citrus-specific fertilizer applied during the growing season supports its health and fruit production. Can I grow Buddha's Hand indoors? Yes, Buddha's Hand can be cultivated indoors if it's placed in a spot with ample sunlight, such as near a south-facing window. Ensure it receives similar care to outdoor citrus trees to thrive. What are the uses of Buddha's Hand fruit? The fruit is celebrated for its zest, used in culinary recipes, baking, and to infuse alcohol, creating marmalades, and even as a natural air freshener due to its strong, citrus fragrance. When is the best time to plant Buddha's Hand? Springtime, after the last frost has passed, is ideal for planting Buddha's Hand. This timing allows the plant to establish itself well before the arrival of colder weather. How can I order my own Buddha's Hand tree from Web Garden Centre? Visit the Web Garden Centre online, navigate to the citrus collection page, and select the Buddha's Hand Citrus Tree. They provide detailed care instructions with each purchase to ensure your tree thrives. Does the Buddha's Hand fruit taste like lemon? Buddha's Hand lacks pulp and juice, but its zest and the pith are lemon-like in flavor, albeit more aromatic and less tart, making it a unique addition to various recipes. Can Buddha's Hand trees survive frost? Buddha's Hand trees are frost-sensitive. They flourish in frost-free zones outdoors but require protection or indoor shelter in colder climates during winter. How big does a Buddha's Hand tree get? In the ground, these trees can reach heights between 8 to 15 feet. However, when grown in containers, they can be maintained at a smaller size through regular pruning. Is Buddha's Hand easy to care for? With adequate sunlight, proper watering, and occasional feeding, Buddha's Hand trees are relatively straightforward to care for, akin to other citrus tree varieties. What should I do if my Buddha's Hand tree doesn't bloom? Ensure the tree is receiving sufficient sunlight and is properly watered. Consider using a high-phosphorus fertilizer to encourage blooming. Remember, patience is key, as it may take a few years for young trees to begin flowering and fruiting.
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