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Coastal Hedging Plants

27 Oct 2020
Coastal Hedging Plants - Web Garden Centre
When deciding upon hedging it is vital to consider the site conditions. Whether your garden is dry, shady or exposed it can greatly impact upon suitable hedging options. In particular coastal gardens can bring a variety of challenges. Strong salt laden winds and full sun can cause leaf burn and defoliation of certain hedging plants. The year round protection that evergreen hedges provides means they are often favoured for coastal planting. We offer a few different evergreen varieties that not only tolerate but thrive in coastal conditions; Elaeagnus, Taxus baccata and Griselinia. 
Elaeagnus is regarded as the hedging variety most suited to the harsh conditions on exposed coastlines. The silvery green foliage and cream flowers provide an attractive backdrop whilst also acting as a protective windbreak. Once established the now protected garden can support a wide range of plants.
Taxus baccata commonly known as English Yew is popular for its traditional and formal appearance. The dense structure and thick foliage softens and slows blustery winds, providing much needed protection. Taxus is also fairly drought resistance, tolerating the dry winds and full sun associated with exposed locations. We currently have English Yew pallet deals available to get the best bulk-buy value.
A somewhat more modern choice than the traditional English Yew, is Griselinia littoralis. The evergreen plant is a favourite for seaside gardens due to its fast growing nature, up to 40-50cm a year. Although tolerant of strong, salty winds Griselinia fairs better in inlands coastal areas. 
Eleagnus ebbingei
Griselinia littoralis, Eleagnus ebbingei, Taxus baccata
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