Phormium 'Golden Ray’ 60-80cm 10L

Phormium 'Golden Ray' 60-80cm 10L - Brighten Your Garden with Golden Highlights

Introduce the radiant beauty of Phormium 'Golden Ray' to your garden, a selection poised to add brightness and depth. This variety, reaching 60-80cm in a 10L pot, is distinguished by its striking foliage that combines green with bold yellow edges. 'Golden Ray' offers not just a splash of color but also a structural element with its upright, sword-like leaves, making it an ideal choice for those looking to create an immediate impact in gardens, patios, or as a dynamic indoor accent.

Why Choose Phormium 'Golden Ray'?

Phormium 'Golden Ray' is a standout plant that brings light and architectural interest to any setting. Its vibrant, variegated leaves provide year-round interest, enhancing the garden with minimal effort. Adaptability is a key trait of 'Golden Ray', thriving in full sun to partial shade and requiring little maintenance to keep its striking appearance. Whether used as a focal point or part of a mixed border, 'Golden Ray' is sure to captivate.

Key Features

  • Striking Variegated Foliage: The green leaves with yellow margins offer a lively contrast, brightening any garden space.
  • Structural Plant: Its bold form adds an architectural quality to landscapes, providing texture and height.
  • Year-Round Interest: Evergreen and vibrant, 'Golden Ray' maintains its appeal throughout the seasons.
  • Low Maintenance: Once established, it requires minimal care, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Order Yours Today

Enhance your outdoor or indoor space with Phormium 'Golden Ray', now available for online purchase. This plant is ready to bring a burst of golden color and structural elegance to your environment. Secure your 'Golden Ray' today and enjoy the distinctive beauty and easy care it offers.

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Phormium 'Golden Ray’ 60-80cm 10L - Buy Plants Online from  Web Garden Centre - Just £40!

Phormium 'Golden Ray’ 60-80cm 10L


Phormium 'Golden Ray’ 60-80cm 10L


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