Cordyline Indivisa 120-130cm 18L

Cordyline Indivisa 120-130cm 18L - Majestic Foliage for Exquisite Landscapes

Enhance your garden with the majestic presence of Cordyline Indivisa, a standout specimen now available for discerning gardeners online. Housed in an 18L pot and reaching a stately height of 120-130cm, Cordyline Indivisa is distinguished by its broad, blue-green leaves that fan out to create a spectacular display. This variety is ideal for adding texture and a touch of the tropics to gardens, patios, or as an impressive indoor statement plant.

Why Choose Cordyline Indivisa?

With its unique foliage and robust growth, Cordyline Indivisa is a prized addition for any garden or indoor space seeking a dramatic focal point. It thrives in a sheltered position in full sun to partial shade, making it versatile for various landscape designs. Whether integrated into a mixed border, used as a solitary accent, or placed in a large container, Cordyline Indivisa brings an exotic flair and architectural elegance to your space.

Key Features

  • Distinctive Blue-Green Foliage: The lush, broad leaves of Cordyline Indivisa offer a unique texture and color contrast in the garden.
  • Majestic Growth: Its impressive size and foliage spread provide an immediate impact, enhancing the garden's visual appeal.
  • Adaptable and Hardy: Suited for both outdoor and indoor environments, it's a resilient choice that adapts well to various conditions.
  • Low Maintenance: Once established, Cordyline Indivisa requires minimal care, thriving with basic maintenance.

Order Yours Today

Buy plants online and let Cordyline Indivisa transform your garden or indoor area with its exotic beauty and stately charm. Now available for purchase, this plant is poised to become a cherished feature of your landscape. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your space with the distinctive elegance of Cordyline Indivisa.

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Cordyline Indivisa 120-130cm 18L - Buy Plants Online from  Web Garden Centre - Just £47!

Cordyline Indivisa 120-130cm 18L


Cordyline Indivisa 120-130cm 18L


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