Fatsia Japonica 90-100cm 7.5L

Fatsia Japonica 90-100cm 7.5L - Foliage for Shaded Gardens

Enhance your garden with the lush, exotic appeal of Fatsia Japonica, now available in a 90-100cm height and housed in a 7.5L pot. This striking plant is renowned for its large, glossy leaves that bring a tropical vibe to temperate climates. Ideal for adding depth and greenery to shaded areas of the garden, Fatsia Japonica thrives in spots where other plants might struggle, making it a valuable addition to any outdoor space or as an indoor ornamental feature.

Why Choose Fatsia Japonica?

Fatsia Japonica is a top choice for gardeners looking to fill shadowed corners with lush, vibrant greenery. Its ability to prosper in less sunny locations, coupled with its resistance to lower temperatures, makes it exceptionally versatile and easy to care for. The plant’s architectural quality, with its bold leaf structure, adds visual interest and a touch of the tropics to both modern and traditional garden designs.

Key Features

  • Robust Foliage: The broad, palmate leaves are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, providing substantial ground cover and height.
  • Ideal for Shade: Perfectly suited for shaded garden areas where few other plants can thrive.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal care once established, making it a great option for gardeners of all levels.
  • Year-Round Interest: Evergreen in nature, Fatsia Japonica maintains its vibrant appearance throughout the seasons.

Order Your Fatsia Japonica Today

Add a tropical flair to your garden with Fatsia Japonica. Available now for online purchase, this plant is ready to transform your shaded areas into lush, green retreats. Order yours today and start enjoying the beauty and ease of care that Fatsia Japonica offers.

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Fatsia Japonica 90-100cm 7.5L - Buy Plants Online from  Web Garden Centre - Just £45!

Fatsia Japonica 90-100cm 7.5L


Fatsia Japonica 90-100cm 7.5L


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