Young's Weeping Birch Tree


Betula pendula Youngii, commonly known as Young's Weeping Birch is a weeping smaller alternative than a standard silver birch, making it a spectacluar feature for spaces than cannot other accomodate a larger tree. This deciduous tree forms a dome-shaped crown of arching branches weeping to the ground, with ovate leaves turning yellow in autumn. 

Supplied in the following:

Trunk girth 10-12cm / Pot: 35L / Height: 200-225cm

Trunk girth 12-14cm / Pot: 50L / Height: 225-250cm

Trunk girth 18-20cm / Pot: 70/90L / Height: 250-300cm


Sunlight: Full sun/ partial shade

Soil: Chalk/ Clay/ Loam/ Sand

Ultimate height: 4-8m (20-50 years)

Hardiness: H7