Bay Laurel Double Spiral Stem 50-60cm


Laurus nobilis 

Bay Laurel has dark green aromatic foliage producing pale yellow flowers during spring and dark berries in winter. The neat foliage can be pruned back in late spring - mid summer to maintain at the desired height and shape. 

Bay Spiral stems are a popular choice for containers. Perfect for using as a statement plant either side of a front door. Laurus nobilis thrives in a sunny position, sheltered from strong winds and in well-drained soil. 

Overall height: 80cm Excl. pot

Clear Stem: 55-65cm

Head: 15-25cm

Pot: 3L

Select the gift wrap option and we'll dispatch this Bay packaged in beautifully coloured materials and ribbon around the pot, ready to give as a perfect festive present, which can be delivered to you or directly to the recipient.