Beech Pleached Tree 330-350cm


Fagus Sylvatica

Beech pleached trees can be used as a stand-alone panel or part of a "hedge" above the fence line. During spring the light green feathery edged leaves emerge turning to a coppery brown in autumn. Although deciduous they often keep their leaves throughout winter providing rich autumnal interest.  

Plant Habit: Spreading branched
Soil Type: Chalk, Clay, Loam, Sand
Aspect: South-facing, North-facing, West-facing, East-facing
Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Shade
Foliage: Deciduous
Soil pH: Acidic, Neutral, Alkaline
Hardiness Rating (RHS): H6 (-20°C to -15°C)

Supplied at a height of 330-350cm in a 35L pot