Griselinia littoralis - PALLET DEAL
Griselinia littoralis - PALLET DEAL

Griselinia littoralis - PALLET DEAL

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Griselinia littoralis

Griselinia has soft glossy green leaves, producing small yellow-green flowers during spring. A particular favourite for coastal gardens as it can withstand salt laden air, strong winds and cold temperatures. 

Suitable for most planting conditions and situations. 

RHS Hardiness: H5

Growth rate on average of 20-40cm a year 

Suggested planting: 

3L 40-60cm: 3 per metre 

7.5L 80-100cm: 2.5 per metre 

20L 120-140cm: 1.5 per metre



Shipping Method:

Dispatched on pallet(s) depending on the quantity and size ordered. We assume that access to your property is not limited and in the case that you are not there on delivery, the pallet(s) are to be left at your property (this is for the welfare of the plants). If you require any delivery instructions or requests, please let us know before, or at the time of ordering- either including a message with your order or by emailing . 

Please note: Only the 'Batch Quantity' is considered when ordering, adjusting the 'Quantity' from '1' will have no affect on the order.