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How to care for your Tree Fern

02 Nov 2023
How to care for your Tree Fern - Web Garden Centre

The following will be of use to ensure that your tree fern has the best possible start. Remember these Tree Ferns have come from Tasmania, that's 10810 miles!

Dicksonia Antarctica grows well in either pots or straight in the ground. When planting in the ground the trunk should be sunk just low enough to support the weight without falling over.

Water regularly during the growing season from the TOP of the trunk (crown) and ensure that the crown is always moist. During this time, fertilise monthly with a half- strength of liquid feed directly into the crown.

In winter protect the crown from frost by stuffing straw/horticultural fleece into the centre of the crown to protect next year's croziers.

In areas that experience harsh winters, it is advisable to wrap the entire trunk with horticultural fleece, hessian or similar. Tie this year's leaves up with string to protect them further.

In the following spring remove the protection and dead fronds/growth in preparation for new fronds to unfurl.

Tree Ferns grow best in part-shade (their natural habitat is under the canopy of large trees). If you do not provide sufficient water or fertilise monthly, the plant will still grow but at a slower rate and next years growth and size of fronds can be up to half the size.

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