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How to care for your Bay Tree

02 Nov 2023
How to care for your Bay Tree - Web Garden Centre

Bay Trees require little and low maintenance, only a bit of pruning in the summer is enough to keep them in shape. Bay is an ideal plant for a novice and is a great plant to give as a gift to a friend of loved one.


If you are a novice gardener the best way to keep a bay tree is in a container or pot. Ideally, bay trees should be placed in a sunny position out of any harsh winds and scorching summer breezes. Place your bay trees in a position where they won't get too much water as they do not like water-logged roots at all.

It is advisable in the winter to place the pot or container against a heated house will to prevent windburn, it will also provide some minimal protection against harsh cold weather.


The roots of a bay tree are shallow and may need frequent watering when the weather is dry. Although you should water frequently, it is also important to let the soil dry out before you water again so the roots don't end up rotting.


Bay trees are in growth from late spring to the end of summer therefore additional feed will keep leaves green and plants healthy.


Bay tree pruning is not strictly necessary for health of the tree, but the trees readily accept light pruning. Summer is the best time to prune a bay tree, whereas older plants can be cut back hard in spring to give them a new lease of life.

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